Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Program

On June 4, EPA officials held a press conference in downtown Gardiner to award $3.6 million in Brownfields grants to 10 Maine entities, including a check for $800,000 to the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG). GPCOG’s award, the largest in Maine this year, will enable the agency to establish a Revolving Loan Fund to clean-up and redevelop industrial and commercial properties in the following target areas:

Portland Harbor: One of New England’s busiest seaports, Portland Harbor has suffered a steep decline in its volume of fisheries and freight. Home to 40,180 people, the target area encompasses approximately 30 Brownfields sites on 80 acres along the Portland and South Portland waterfronts.

Mountain Division rail line: Chartered in 1867, the Mountain Division rail line runs 50 miles from Portland Harbor to New Hampshire. Plans are in place to reactivate freight service dormant since 1983. Home to 36,225 people, the target area encompasses approximately 55 Brownfields sites on 750 acres in ten communities.