Mobilize Maine

In 2011, the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) was designated by the Economic Development Administration, a division of the United States Department of Commerce, as an Economic Development District serving 26 communities in Cumberland County.  The region’s 256,656 people represent 19% of Maine’s population and its 155,431 jobs represent 27% of its employment.  As an Economic Development District, one of our core responsibilities is the creation of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the GPCOG region. To fulfill that mission, GPCOG, along with each of the state’s seven economic development districts, is implementing Mobilize Maine, a grassroots economic strategy that focuses on leveraging unique assets within each region for economic growth and quality of place.

Mobilize Maine is unlike any economic development initiative the State of Maine has ever seen. We believe that economic development is the responsibility of every citizen in Maine, that all of us have a stake in making sure we have a strong economy. We need to focus on creating more sustainable, higher wage jobs, bring millions of dollars in new capital into this state, and create economic strategies that are driven by regional private sector leaders in collaboration with the public sector.

Mobilize Maine is Different

  • Driven by business leaders from the private sector
  • Leverages unique assets across geographic and political boundaries
  • Utilizes indicators to benchmark and measure our regional economy
  • Empowers action teams to implement short-term opportunities at any time

Regional Partners

Mobilize Maine is an initiative that connects state economic development resources with the extensive community-based knowledge and service provided by the State of Maine’s seven federally recognized Economic Development Districts (EDD).

Through the regional leadership of the seven Maine EDDs, regional Mobilize Maine projects are supported by the energy and resources of the communities within each region, including:

  • Private businesses, business leaders, and business organizations
  • Interested citizens and non-profit community organizations
  • Municipal and county government officials
  • Regional, state, and federal economic development organizations