Municipal Energy Information & Resources

Local energy planning provides municipalities with the opportunity to take control of their energy use, improve their economic and environmental resilience, and reduce the financial burden of high energy prices on their citizens and operations.

In line with its Sustainability Principles, GPCOG partnered with Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) to provide tools, support and coordination for towns interested in completing energy and greenhouse gas inventories and climate action plans.

GPCOG worked with the local energy committees of five member communities – Yarmouth, Cape Elizabeth, North Yarmouth, Windham and Gray – to complete energy use and greenhouse gas emissions inventories of their towns.  These inventories included an overview of municipal operations, as well as a detailed assessment of energy consumption, emissions and costs of municipal buildings, vehicles, and streetlights. Inventory reports also included recommendations for energy reduction, and serve as a baseline to help municipal staff track changes in energy use and emissions over time.

Municipal Energy Inventories & Plans

Yarmouth 2007 Municipal Energy Inventory Report

Cape Elizabeth 2007 Municipal Energy Inventory Report

North Yarmouth 2009 Municipal Energy Inventory ReportExecutive Summary

Windham 2009 Municipal Energy Inventory Report

Windham Energy Committee Energy Plan

Gray 2009 Municipal Energy Inventory Report

These inventories were completed utilizing ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability software to quantify and analyze energy, costs and emissions together with EPA’s Portfolio Manager to assess and compare municipal building energy use.  Funding to support this work was provided by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program administered by Efficiency Maine, and the GPCOG Endowment.

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