Electric Vehicles

EV Lending Program 2017

GPCOG / Maine Clean Communities partnered with two local renewable energy businesses to bring the “EV Lending Program” back for 2016 and 2017. Revision Heat & Revision Energy provided an underutilized Nissan Leaf to the “EV Lending Program”. Learn more


Drive Electric Maine

Drive Electric Maine is the state’s first long-term EV stakeholder group. We are composed of numerous public and private-sector stakeholders working together to drive adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and related charging infrastructure through state-based opportunities focusing on growing workplace charging, engaging utilities, and attracting business, consumer and tourist investment. Learn More


Special Fleet Incentives for EVs

Auto manufacturers are offering incentives for municipal fleets. Nissan is offering a $10,000 incentive for their all-electric LEAF. Ford is offering a range of incentives for different EV and plug-in hybrid models. Toyota is also offering a rebate for the Prius Prime Four, although the rebate is not specific to muni fleets. Learn more


EV Station Locator in Maine

This US Department of Energy map lists all alternative fuel stations across the country. Users can enter a state to see a station count and search for alternative fueling stations near their location or along a driving route, as well as explore the data in an interactive way.  Learn more


EV and HEV Registrations in Maine

EV ownership is on the rise in Maine. According to research conducted by the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) roughly 576 electric vehicles were registered in Maine in 2014. Learn more


Case Studies – Stakeholders in Maine and their Electric Vehicles

Several municipalities in Grater Portland Area received grants to install charging stations and some municipalities decided to expand their vehicle fleet with new electric vehicles. Learn more


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Networks

What are the major electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) networks, and how can plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) drivers access their stations? What are the costs associated with each network? Find answers here