Community Wind

GPCOG is working with farmers and rural small businesses statewide on the development of Community Wind through an education and outreach campaign including one-on-one technical assistance, workshops and webinars on the “how to” of developing community wind projects. Windmills

Benefits of Community Wind:

  • Lowers long-term energy costs;
  • Enhances energy independence;
  • Increases farm revenues;
  • Keeps energy dollars local; and
  • Improves local energy reliability

Our Team Is Providing:

  • One-on-one technical assistance;
  • Informative fact sheets on the wind power development process;
  • Educational workshops including;
  • Advice on securing federal renewable energy grants to get your project off the ground;
  • and more!

Click here for our Public Policy Fact Sheet: Maximizing Incentives for Community Wind Power

We have developed a series of 20 informative Fact Sheets that will guide you through the community wind power development process. (Click on the Fact Sheet titles below to access this information.)

Fact Sheet #1: What is Community Wind?

Fact Sheet #2: Wind Energy Basics

Fact Sheet #3: Public Engagement

Fact Sheet #4: Initial Site Assessment

Fact Sheet #5: Measuring Wind Speeds

Fact Sheet #6: Economic Analysis

Fact Sheet #7: Zoning and Permitting

Fact Sheet #8: Transmission and Interconnection

Fact Sheet #9: Negotiating Power Purchase Agreements

Fact Sheet #10: Maine’s Community-Based Renewable Energy Pilot Program

Fact Sheet #11: Maine’s Net Energy Billing

Fact Sheet #12: Federal and State Financial Incentives

Fact Sheet #13: Financing Community Wind Projects

Fact Sheet #14: Community Wind Project Siting and Design

Fact Sheet #15: Wind Turbine Procurement

Fact Sheet #16: Construction of Wind Turbines

Fact Sheet #17: Operations and Maintenance of a Wind Energy Project

Fact Sheet #18: Examples of Community Wind Projects In Maine

Fact Sheet #19: Examples of Community Wind Projects in Massachusetts

Fact Sheet #20: New England Based Community Wind Resources

For more information contact Jennifer Puser Brennan with GPCOG at or 774-9891. Or contact Sue Jones with Windependence/Community Energy Partners at or 751-0749.