Cooperative Purchasing

March 22, 2017

To all Cooperative Purchasing Participants:

GPCOG has decided to phase in the implementation of our online Cooperative Purchasing bidding process. We will continue to conduct our bidding in the same manner as previous years until we are able to get everyone properly registered with Public Purchase. Beginning with the Road Striping bid, we will be posting bids on our website in accordance with the 2017 GPCOG Bid Schedule .

Although we are phasing in the implementation of the Public Purchase software for now, we will continue our efforts to get both our vendors and participants signed on to the Public Purchase software over the next few months by arranging an interactive webinar and a tutorial to assist with this process. Both GPCOG and Public Purchase Customer Service will work directly with both vendors and participants to make sure everyone is comfortable with the process before moving forward with the transition to the software. Once we have everyone signed on properly, we will continue with our efforts to transfer the bidding process to the online platform.

The Cooperative Purchasing program has been identified by many GPCOG members as a valuable service, offering both convenience and cost savings on a variety of products. However, the program’s administrative costs are very high, and lowering these costs would allow GPCOG to expand the program, offering new products and services. We are working hard to make this program successful and appreciate everyone’s patience as we make positive changes that will allow us to improve the customer experience.