Cooperative Purchasing

GPCOG’s Cooperative Purchasing Program saves our municipalities thousands of dollars every year. We coordinate a competitive bidding process for the purchase of a wide variety of vendor products and services to obtain the best possible pricing for our municipalities.

In FY16-17, we saved our member municipalities more than $330,000 in road salt purchases alone.

GPCOG offers nine products as part of our very successful cooperative purchasing program including:

  • Road striping
  • Paving
  • Road salt
  • Culvert pipes
  • Heating fuels
  • Bulk copy paper and office supplies
  • Signs
  • Snow plow cutting edges
  • Transportation fuels

Join us Friday February 16th for our Cooperative Purchasing Lunch & Learn. Find out about our bid process and schedule for 2018. Also, we want your input on other products to add to our Cooperative Purchasing program.

Register here for the February 16th Lunch & Learn at our offices in Portland.