Sustainability Principles


In September 2008, the GPCOG Sustainability Task Force held a retreat at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to develop a set of principles on which to base GPCOG’s sustainability planning efforts. Breakout groups developed individual sets of principles that were later synthesized and adopted by the Executive Committee in October 2008.

 A sustainable Greater Portland Region is one that…

  1. Uses non-renewable resources sparingly, renewable resources at a sustainable rate, and in a continuous cycle
  2. Remains flexible and adapts to changing opportunities and challenges
  3. Maintains and protects Southern Maine’s traditional resource-based industries of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, while recognizing opportunities for sustainable global commerce
  4. Recognizes, plans for, and values a diversity of housing, transportation, educational and employment opportunities for a varied and competitive workforce
  5. Analyzes development opportunities based on long term effects on the regional economy, environment and community
  6. Recognizes and protects natural, cultural and diverse human qualities that make the region unique and enhance the quality of life/quality of place for current and future generations
  7. Thinks globally, acts regionally, and respects the local interests of its citizens

Sustainability Principles PDF