Mobility for All

Community Transportation Leaders presenting to PACTS


The Mobility for All program engages a broad range of community members and organizations in improving transportation access for people who experience barriers. 

Mobility for All initiatives use inclusive practices to involve older adults, people with disabilities, people of color, and other underserved communities in transportation planning and decision-making. Mobility for All initiatives include:


GPCOG is pleased to share our new white paper INCLUSIVE & ACCESSIBLE VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT: LESSONS FROM THE FIELD. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic – and the required physical distancing – virtual spaces and tools are increasingly being utilized for the public participation process.Most organizations expect this shift to virtual spaces to continue into the future. While virtual tools help eliminate mobility and time barriers, their use can create other obstacles that lead to exclusion of older adults, people with disabilities, people with limited English proficiency and those with limited access to technology. This report look at how these challenges can be addressed to ensure we maximize engagement of the most vulnerable among us in the decisions that affect their lives.