Destination 2040

Destination 2040 is the regional transportation plan for the Greater Portland Maine region, and is the responsibility of the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS), the congressionally designated metropolitan planning organization for our region. The 2016 plan update provides a vision for preserving and transforming our transportation systems through the year 2040.

Key Reasons for a Regional Long Range Transportation Plan

  1. Transportation investments need a regional focus and must be made with an eye to long-term needs and preservation.
  2. Travel growth over the next 25 years could potentially result in more safety and congestion problems without modal balance.
  3. The region’s population is growing and simultaneously aging. Attracting younger skilled workers requires providing transportation choices.
  4. Transportation funding levels will most likely continue to be insufficient to just preserve the system we have today, and are projected to fall increasingly short as demand grows.
  5. Land use and transportation decisions are closely related and affect demand and the availability of transportation choices. Decisions must be made together.