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Public transportation in the Greater Portland area is on the move. In the last decade, we’ve added new train runs and bus routes, expanded service hours, and upgraded terminals, stations, and stops. More and more people are riding our buses, ferries and trains. 

View ridership trends (PDF).

Residents, leaders, businesses and communities want more. To meet demand, we need to plan for the future.

What is Transit Tomorrow?

Transit Tomorrow is a long-range public transportation plan that will create a 30-year pathway for investments in the region’s public transportation network. The Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) is undertaking this project to improve the region’s economy, environment, and quality of life. This plan will:

Prioritize Investments

To build our transit future, we will prioritize investments that will help workers, students, seniors and others get to where they need to go. Knowing our priorities will position the region to access more federal dollars for improving and expanding transit.

Improve Connections

To make transit work economically, we’ll focus on building better connections between our job and housing hubs. Better connections will encourage more growth in those areas.

Include All Users

To ensure transit serves our and rural communities, seniors and people with disabilities, we’ll identify opportunities for improving the delivery of mobility services.

Embrace New Technology

To keep up with technology, we’ll look at emerging technology, such as autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and shared mobility services (like Uber and Lyft), and find ways to leverage these emerging opportunities.

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Project Advisory Committee

The process will be guided and championed by an advisory committee, composed of the leaders of transit agencies, municipalities and stakeholders, including social services, housing agencies, transit riders, and the development community. The voices, hopes, and ideas of the region’s residents will shape the plan over this 18-month initiative.

The Project Advisory Committee 05/22/2202 presentation (PDF)

Transit Tomorrow presentation (PPTX) by Greg Jordan at the GPCOG 05/28/2020 Annual Summit.

Visit the Transit Tomorrow Public Advisory Committee Page