Regional Transit Six-Year Capital and Operating Plan

In 2012 the Portland Urbanized Area became a federally-designated “transportation management area” because our federally-determined urbanized area population exceeded the 200,000 threshold. This, along with new rules under the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), the Federal Transportation Authorizing legislation, meant that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) provided more federal funds for public transportation, and more responsibility for programming those funds, to the region. While in the past transit funding depended almost exclusively on Congressional earmarks, MAP-21 intended to provide predictability in the amount of funds coming to the region annually. 

The Six-Year Capital and Operating Plan (SYCOP) was developed to annually program the region’s federal public transportation funds. The PACTS Executive Committee endorsed the most recent SYCOP in April 2020. While the SYCOP focuses on maintaining the existing public transportation system, the Regionally Administered Discretionary (RAD) program deals with the programming of funds for expansion and enhancement priorities in the region.

View the Regional Six-Year Transit Capital Plan the PACTS Executive Committee endorsed in April 2020.