Mobility Solutions for Maine

The Mobility Solutions for Maine project will catalyze coordination and innovation to ingrain the use of mobility management approaches on the state and local level. The project’s statewide aim is development of a grassroots, multi-sector mobility management network for the state. The project’s regional goal is to conduct pilots that test approaches to improving regional access to transportation information, supports, and resources among populations who face transportation challenges.

Funded by an award from the Federal Transit Administration’s Access and Mobility Grant Program, the Mobility Solutions for Maine project includes three goals with related strategies:

  1. Improve Coordination Among Statewide Transportation Stakeholders: Develop a statewide, multi-sector mobility management network called Moving Maine.
  2. Improve Access to Transportation Resources and Information: Develop the pilot design for a regional resource and referral service as a model for Maine.
  3. Build Capacity for Mobility Management Programs Across Maine: Develop the structure of and pilot activities for a regional management program in Southern Maine.