Local Government Goes Remote

Crash course on Zoom for public meetings

Here’s a here is the Powerpoint presentation (PDF) from our April 2 training session. Watch a video recording of the session. 

When video conferences go wrong

Don’t let your public online meeting be Zoombombed! Read this New York Times story and this TechCrunch story to learn how to avoid the trolls. Zoe Miller, Director of Community Engagement at GPCOG, created this guide for how to control participants’ input during Zoom meetings.

Zoom for public meetings

Subscribe to a Zoom Pro account and add the Webinar feature ($40 a month.) The Webinar feature allows the meeting host to better manage virtual public meetings by segregating panelists and attendees. Here’s a tutorial.

How to provide notice for online public meetings 

Maine has a new state law that allows municipals to have on-line public meetings using remote conferencing services, such as Zoom. The meeting must meet 4 conditions. Click here for guidelines for providing notice and running the meetings.

Rules and procedure for remote access meetings

The Westbrook City Council has developed excellent rules and procedures.

Zoom for beginners

Craig Freshley of Maine-based Good Group Decisions has created a guide for beginners.

The eight types of people we become on Zoom

Are you an unmuted multitasker or a cross-talk screamer? Read here.

Harvard Business Review

 Learn the six rules for how to get people to actually participate in virtual meetings.

Facilitators for the Pandemic Response Group

Resources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events (Google Doc)

What else is there beside Zoom?

 PC Magazine reviews the most popular video conferencing products.