Cushing's Point Transportation Study

June 28 public forum

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Project summary

The Cushing’s Point Transportation Study is a review of the existing transportation system along South Portland’s Broadway corridor between Mill Creek and Cushing’s Point. The study will identify opportunities to improve safety, mobility and access for all users in the area, including walking, biking, taking transit and driving. The study will also examine ways to create a transportation system that balances anticipated growth in the area with the existing character of the corridor and its surrounding neighborhoods.

The study includes a review of existing traffic signal operations, bus service and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and it identifies opportunities for improvements. It also consists of an exploratory feasibility analysis of ferry service to and from downtown Portland.

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Cushing's Point Study Area Neighborhood background

This section of Broadway is a significant transportation corridor for the region. PACTS' long-range transportation plan, Destination 2040, identifies it as a priority corridor that links the priority centers of Knightville/Mill Creek and Bug Light/SMCC. The corridor is also served by transit and runs parallel to the popular Greenbelt Walkway.

The area is likely to see increased growth in the future. South Portland’s Comprehensive Plan envisions moderate-density housing and walkable neighborhood centers. To accommodate anticipated growth and maintain the existing character of the neighborhoods, it will be important to reduce congestion and promote alternative modes of transportation, namely walking, bicycling and transit.

Online Survey

An online survey is the first opportunity for you to tell us about your experiences and preferences regarding safety, congestion, challenges and opportunities for people walking and biking, the possibility of ferry service to and from downtown Portland, and more. 

With your feedback, the project team over the winter will assess current conditions and identify recommendations. These recommendations will focus on improving the efficiency, safety and convenience of travel by all modes, including walking, biking, riding transit and driving.

The survey period ends at 5 p.m. on Nov. 13

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 Nov. 9 public meeting materials

On Nov. 9, we hosted an online meeting to get input from the public about the issues and challenges they have observed in the study area.

Read the presentation showed at the meeting

Watch a recording of the online meeting

June 28 public meeting

June 28 public forum

Watch a recording of the meeting.

Download the meeting presentation (PDF)


The study is funded by the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System, the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the greater Portland region. The City of South Portland is a project partner.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact our project team with any additional questions or comments you may have:

Andrew Clark, GPCOG,

Milan Nevajda, City of South Portland,

Carol Morris, Morris Communications,

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