Municipal Climate Action Planning

GPCOG is launching a municipal climate action planning program to support development of local plans that align with state and regional climate goals. GPCOG will provide technical assistance, support community engagement, source and analyze data on emissions and vulnerability, and guide towns in detailing climate action strategies. Additionally, we will convene expertise, facilitate collaboration, and ease coordination regionally and with the state. Collaboration and coordination at a regional level will lighten the load of long-term planning for climate change. Participating in the regional program for climate action planning will provide the following benefits:
  • Align municipal plans with state goals, preparing municipalities to benefit from future state and federal project funding. 
  • Reduce costs of planning, monitoring, and reporting on climate actions.
  • Take advantage of regional efficiencies in implementation and knowledge sharing
  • Create a pipeline of shovel-ready projects.

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Meeting the Region's Climate Challenge
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