Tools and Resources

GEO Grant Analysis Tool

The following information is a tool developed by GEO Partners for analyzing broadband funding opportunities for local governments and community driven efforts. The tool makes use of publicly available FCC data, crowd sourced speed test data, and RDOF data and can predict grant application scores for rigorous funding evaluations preparing communities for possible funding sources. Users also have the ability to map out hypothetical projects and publish priced reports, including projects that are:

  1. 100% Fixed wireless
  2. Hybrid (some combination of fixed wireless and fiber)
  3. 100% Fiber to the home (FTTH)

This tool is currently being used by GPCOG for the Cumberland Oxford Lakes Area Broadband Initiative (COLAB) to evaluate the feasibility of a regional approach to expanding broadband expansion. For communities and regions, this tool can prove crucial for quickly understanding what they currently possess for infrastructure, what funding sources are within reach, and how much funding is needed to achieve their specific goals. 

How to Access the Tool

The GEO Tool is now open for public use! To gain access, click here and fill out the Google Form. Upon completing the form, you will receive an email including a link to the software, an access code, and an in depth user guide to help you learn how to use the software.

See below for a video tutorial on how to use the software for evaluating potential broadband projects in your region.