Gorham-Westbrook-Portland Rapid Transit Study

The Gorham-Westbrook-Portland Rapid Transit Study examined the need for and benefits of a rapid transit line connecting Gorham, Westbrook, and Portland. Based on estimated ridership, travel times, operating costs, and social equity, the study concluded that the most direct and fastest route alignment is via Main Street, Brighton Ave, and Congress Street. From west to east, this alignment connects USM Gorham, Gorham Village, downtown Westbrook, Rock Row, USM Portland, Maine Medical Center, downtown Portland, and the Eastern Waterfront. See project document below:

What's Rapid Transit? Rapid transit is a form of public transportation that includes features that significantly improve the speed, frequency, and quality of service. The graphic below displays features of a rapid transit:

What Is Rapid Transit

Rapid Transit Routes

What's Next? The Policy Board approved the route alignment in Winter 2024, allowing the project to move into preliminary design. Greater Portland Metro will now serve as the project lead and plans to begin preliminary design this year. In this phase, project partners will determine where stations are located, what amenities are at each station, and how the project will impact parking and other street uses. 

The Bigger Picture. The purpose of this project is to provide fast, reliable, and frequent transit service that connects Gorham, Westbrook, and Portland's major transportation and/or activity centers. This project stems from our region's long-range transit plan Transit Tomorrow. That plan identifies five corridors where rapid transit is feasible. The Gorham-Westbrook-Portland corridor is the first corridor we studied. The bigger goal is to create a rapid transit network that allows us to meet the growing demand placed on our transportation network without building new roads or inducing more vehicle travel.