Rapid Transit Study

Gorham-Westbrook-Portland Rapid Transit Study

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A virtual public meeting will be held the following week on Sept. 28 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM via Zoom. Register here.

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Take our survey to tell us your thoughts about rapid transit! Your feedback will help guide the study. The survey will be open from Sept. 12 to Oct. 9

The Gorham-Westbrook-Portland Rapid Transit Study examines the need for and benefits from various alignments and modes of rapid transit in the Portland area, linking the municipalities of Gorham, Westbrook, and Portland. The study is based on recommendations from Transit Tomorrow (the Greater Portland region’s long-range public transportation plan) and is being led by the Greater Portland Council of Governments in concert with the City of Portland, the City of Westbrook, the Town of Gorham, Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority, Maine Department of Transportation, Greater Portland METRO, and other agency and community stakeholders.

This rapid transit study will look at several rail and bus rapid transit alternatives for connecting Gorham, Westbrook, and Portland, and will document the expected benefits and impacts of the alternatives. The study provides many opportunities for the public to participate by providing ideas and feedback through public meetings or open houses, place-specific pop-up meetings, and online. 

This study began in the spring of 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2023.

A graphic showing the planned timeline for the Gorham-Westbrook-Portland Rapid Transit Study. The ti

Rapid Transit Project Advisory Group

The Rapid Transit Study Advisory Group provides subject matter and community expertise and serves as a sounding board for project staff and consultants in the development of a rapid transit locally preferred alternative (corridor and mode) connecting Gorham, Westbrook, and Portland. 

Watch the June 9 Project Advisory Group meeting

Watch the June 23 rapid transit info session

Watch the September 15 Project Advisory Group meeting

See slides from September 15 Project Advisory Group meeting

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Want to get involved in this study? There are several ways you can have your voice heard! Check out the opportunities below:

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Need Translations? 

We need your feedback and ideas! If you would like to get involved and need meetings or surveys translated in your native language, please email kviolette@gpcog.org or call 207-774-9891 and leave a message. 

Estamos estudiando cómo un servicio de tránsito rápido y frecuente puede conectar Gorham, Westbrook y Portland, ¡y queremos la opinión de la comunidad sobre cómo funcionaría esto y hacia dónde iría! Si desea participar y necesita acceso en su idioma nativo, comuníquese con kviolette@gpcog.org.

Estamos a estudar como podemos fazer a ligação entre Gorham, Westbrook e Portland com um serviço de trânsito rápido e frequente, e queremos a opinião da comunidade sobre como tal funcionaria e que rumo tomaria! Se quiser participar e precisar de acesso na sua língua materna, é favor contactar kviolette@gpcog.org.

Waxaan baraneynaa sida joogtada ah, adeegga gaadiidka degdega ah uu isugu xiri karo Gorham, Westbrook, iyo Portland, waxaanan rabnaa fikraddaha bulshada oo ku aadan sida kani uu u shaqeyn doono iyo halka uu aadi doono! Haddii aad rabto inaad ka qayb qaadato oo aad u baahan tahay inaad ku hadasho afkaaga hooyo, fadlan la xidhiidh kviolette@gpcog.org.

Nous étudions comment un service de transport en commun fréquent et rapide peut relier Gorham, Westbrook et Portland, et nous voulons que la communauté donne son avis sur le fonctionnement et la destination de ce service ! Si vous voulez vous impliquer et avez besoin d'un accès dans votre langue maternelle, veuillez contacter kviolette@gpcog.org.

نحن ندرس كيف يمكن لخدمة النقل السريع المتكرر أن يربط غورهام ووستبروك وبورتلاند ، ونريد أن نتواصل مع مكونات المجتمع حول كيفية عمل ذلك وكيف ستتطور هذه الخدمة! إذا كنت ترغب في المشاركة وتحتاج إلى من يتواصل معك بلغتك الأم ، فما عليك إلا أن تربط الاتصال بـ kviolette@gpcog.org.

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