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Mar 17

Yarmouth closures, cancellations, and changes

Posted on March 17, 2020 at 1:33 PM by Tony Plante

The Town of Yarmouth announced a series of facility and program closures, cancellations, and service changes effective March 17, 2020:
  • Merrill Memorial Library is closed until further notice.
  • Yarmouth School District will be closed until Friday, March 27. Students will engage in
    distance learning. Updates are at yarmouthschools.org.
  • While school is not in session, Yarmouth Community Services will be providing free
    bagged breakfast and lunch for students ages 2-18. This will occur at Yarmouth Pointe
    Apartments at 1 Juniper Drive. Anyone with questions is urged to call YCS at 846-2406. On Friday, bagged meals will be provided for the weekend. Due to CDC recommendations, no meals can be consumed on site. Drop off is not available.
  • The Historic Preservation Forum scheduled for March 23 has been cancelled.
  • Town Parks and Open Spaces remain open; however, all school playgrounds are closed.
  • Clipper Care will be suspended until school resumes.
  • Non-essential board, committee, and community meetings will be cancelled. The town is seeking ways to conduct critical business in a manner respectful of applicable laws and the interest of transparent government, and ask for the public's understanding.
Town Hall facilities are closed for walk-in services until March 27 or until further
notice Staff will continue to be in the building working on critical functions and
supporting field personnel. To the extent staff are available, the town will continue
providing individual services by phone, email, regular mail, or by appointment. The goal
is to limit personal contacts and residents gathering in lines or waiting for counter
service. During this time, and any necessary extension, residents are encouraged to use
the many online services that are available.

Anyone who cannot use online services is asked to call or email the respective departments to
schedule an appointment with a staff member. Contact email addresses and phone
numbers are available on the town's website.


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