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Biddeford-Saco TOD

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  2. Biddeford-Saco Transit-Oriented Development Concept Plan

    We're working on a plan to ensure safe, sustainable, and equitable growth in the Biddeford-Saco mill area. Our main goal is to identify opportunities to make it safer and easier to walk, bike, and take public transit.

  3. Please help us by filling out this survey and sharing your thoughts and ideas. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation!

  4. General Study Area

    The image above shows the general study area for this plan. The study area includes Saco Island and the Mill District in Biddeford (including the Pepperell Mill Campus, Lincoln Mill, the Pearl Street Riverfront District, and all of Spring Island).

  5. How do you know the Biddeford-Saco mill area?

  6. How long have you lived in the Biddeford-Saco mill area? (Please check "Not Applicable" if you do not live in the area).

  7. Would you ride the bus more if you received discounted passes through your residence or employer?

  8. Would an additional bus transit station in Biddeford near the new parking garage on Pearl Street be more convenient for you to access the bus?

  9. How likely would you be to take advantage of a downtown circulator bus route that makes short, frequent trips through Downtown Biddeford and Saco?

  10. If the Downeaster were to make more frequent trips, in which direction would you like to see more service?

  11. How likely would you be to participate in a car share program if one were available in the area?

  12. How likely would you be to participate in a bike share program if one were available in the area?

  13. Exploring Ideas

    Rate each idea from 1 (least preferred) to 5 (most preferred). Please note, implementing many of these ideas would require further study and additional public input.

  14. Ideas for Main St. from the bridge to the railroad tracks.

  15. Example showing a change from four lanes to three with the middle lane serving as a center turn lane

    Reduce travel lanes on Main St. from four to three with a center turn lane. Add bike lanes and better crossings. This is the only section of Main St. in the area with four travel lanes. (This idea would require further study).

  16. Please rate this idea (lane reduction / add bike lanes) from 1 to 5

  17. Medians_refuge_islands

    Install medians and/or pedestrian refuge islands in appropriate locations to slow traffic and provide safer crossings for pedestrians. (This idea would require further study).

  18. Please rate this idea (medians & refuge islands) from 1 to 5

  19. New_sidewalk

    Add a new sidewalk on the east side of Main Street (view looking south on Main Street downhill towards the bridge).

  20. Please rate this idea (new sidewalk) from 1 to 5

  21. Street_banners

    Add streetlight banners to celebrate the community and promote events. The example above shows street banners in Portland.

  22. Please rate this idea (streetlight banners) from 1 to 5

  23. Ideas for Elm St. (Rt. 1) between Pearl St. and Lincoln St./Water St.

  24. Bike_lanes

    Add bike lanes on either side of Elm Street / Route 1 where land is available. (This idea would require further study).

  25. Please rate this idea (bike lanes) from 1 to 5

  26. Shared_lane_markings

    Add shared lane markings on Elm St. / Route 1 in places where the road is too narrow for dedicated bike lanes. (This idea would require further study).

  27. Please rate this idea (shared lane markings) from 1 to 5

  28. Sidewalks_crossings

    Provide continuous sidewalks on both sides of Elm Street / Route 1 and improve the safety of crossings. (This idea would require further study).

  29. Please rate this idea (sidewalk and crossing improvements) from 1 to 5

  30. Ideas for the area around the Saco Transportation Center

  31. Gateway_park

    An enhanced gateway park between the Saco Transportation Center and Main Street. The proposed location for park improvements is shown above. (The park on the east side of Main Street would be on city-owned property).

  32. Please rate this idea (gateway park) from 1 to 5

  33. Bike_storage

    A high security, weatherproof, bike storage station for long-term bike parking located near the Saco Transportation Center.

  34. Please rate this idea (bike storage station) from 1 to 5

  35. Bike_share

    A bike share program at the Saco Transportation Center.

  36. Please rate this idea (bike share) from 1 to 5

  37. Ideas for the area around Pearl Street

  38. Riverwalk_extension

    Extend the Riverwalk upriver to connect to Elm Street, including scenic overlooks and a small gateway park at Elm Street.

  39. Please rate this idea (riverwalk extension) from 1 to 5

  40. Pedestrian_street

    A pedestrian-oriented street with limited vehicle access on the portion of Pearl Street closest to the river.

  41. Please rate this idea (pedestrian street) from 1 to 5

  42. Improved_crossings

    Redesign the intersection of Elm Street and Lincoln Street to improve safety and pedestrian crossings.

  43. Please rate this idea (improved crossings) from 1 to 5

  44. Please rate the following four bridge designs.

    These multimodal bridge designs are to connect the Saco Transportation Center to the planned Pearl Street Riverfront District in Biddeford, running parallel to the railroad tracks. The City of Saco is currently evaluating the feasibility of a bridge in this location. Please let us know which bridge design you prefer.

  45. Girder_Bridge

    Example girder bridge.

  46. Please rate this design (girder bridge) from 1 to 5

  47. Tied_arch

    Example tied arch bridge.

  48. Please rate this design (tied arch bridge) from 1 to 5

  49. Cable_stay

    Example cable stay bridge.

  50. Please rate this design (cable stay bridge) from 1 to 5

  51. Truss

    Example truss bridge.

  52. Please rate this design (truss bridge) from 1 to 5

  53. Thank you

    We appreciate your time and input. Please answer a few final questions to help us understand your input better. Please share this survey with your neighbors and friends.

  54. Final Questions (Optional)

  55. What is PACTS?

    The Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Greater Portland region. We work with municipalities, MaineDOT, and others to allocate funding for transportation projects.

  56. What is Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)?

    TOD is an approach to development that maximizes the amount of residential, business, and leisure space within an easy walk of public transit. The goal is to promote sustainable growth by increasing walkability and transit use while reducing reliance on private vehicles.

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