Active Transportation

Active transportation by walking, bicycling or wheeling is environmentally friendly and provides for great exercise and staying active reduces risk of chronic disease. Communities with strong active transportation networks support older adults to age in place, allow youth to be independent and ensure that those who can’t or choose not to drive can get where they need to go.

GPCOG is committed to helping our residents get around their communities by walking, bicycling, and wheeling.


Active Transportation Planning

In 2018, GPCOG and PACTS will complete Getting There From Here: A Regional Active Transportation Plan for the PACTS Region.  The plan envisions a complete network of accessible trails, paths, ways, and modes, serving all people and places, promoting a culture of healthy living and a vibrant economy in the PACTS region. This is an update to the 2009 PACTS Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan with an expanded focus that includes public transit, along with health and equity outcomes. Getting There From Here will offer recommendations for where to invest effort and funding over the next decade.

GPCOG will share a draft plan for public feedback in April 2018. Click here to sign up for updates.

You can also see our interactive maps here. Contact Rick Harbison at for more information.


Mapping and Data Collection for Active Transportation

GPCOG assists member communities with bicycle and pedestrian planning. Our work includes help in mapping trails and sidewalks, developing community surveys, and auditing walk-ability or bike-ability within a community. GPCOG has recently worked with Bridgton, Gray, South Portland, Windham and Standish on active transportation initiatives.

Looking for help with active transportation in your community? Contact GPCOG Project Manager Zoe Miller at