Advocacy Priorities

Between Sebago Lake and Casco Bay our region is home to a large part of Maine’s economic, social and environmental resources.  Our communities are Maine’s center of gravity in many ways – but in recent times our voices have not been heard by lawmakers and policy makers as clearly or as strongly as we would like.

We need to find our regional voice, and make sure our voice helps to shape the policies and politics that will support greater prosperity for all our member municipalities and their citizens.

In 2018 GPCOG is taking on a new role, advocating for our members’ shared policy priorities in support of regional prosperity.

That means we are working with municipal officials, our partners and citizens to make sure our state and federal legislative and executive leaders understand our region’s needs, and are working to meet them.

In the coming months we will be publishing our first policy priorities with an eye on the upcoming 2018 gubernatorial election.  Our next Governor will define the state’s agenda for the next four years, and GPCOG plans on making sure our next Governor hears the voice of our members clearly and loudly.