Energy Efficiency

Local energy planning provides municipalities with the opportunity to take control of their energy use, improve their economic and environmental resilience, and reduce the financial burden of high energy prices in their communities.

GPCOG has been working to improve energy efficiency with communities and the private sector in order to reduce energy costs and meet regional sustainability goals.


  • Portland 2030 District

GPCOG established the Portland 2030 District in downtown Portland in 2015, the only 2030 District in Maine. The District’s goals include decreasing energy, water and transportation emissions from commercial and multi-family buildings by 50% by 2030. The Portland 2030 District works with property owners to provide resources to its members and help them to achieve resource reductions and financial savings.


  • Energy Efficiency Education

GPCOG provides for educational workshops on energy efficiency strategies for businesses and communities looking for ways to reduce energy costs and make their businesses more competitive.


We also convened two educational forums for towns and cities to find ways to convert street lights to highly efficient and cost-saving LED street lighting. Find out more about how the city of Portland is using its street lights in innovative ways in this Portland Press Herald article.

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