GPCOG Governance


General Assembly:

The General Assembly convenes all of the region’s 25 municipalities. It meets annually and serves as the policy-making body of GPCOG. The General Assembly elects officers, adopts the annual budget, sets dues, sets GPCOG bylaws, and generally guides the direction of the agency.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is the policy-implementing body of GPCOG. It is composed of 9 to 11 of the member municipalities and Cumberland County.

Name Municipality Phone Number
Mary Fernandes Casco 776-2319
Peter Joseph Freeport 865-4743
Matthew Sturgis Cape Elizabeth 657-2190
Belinda Ray Portland 671-4000
Jerre Bryant Westbrook 854-9105, x 201
Nat Tupper Yarmouth 846-9036
Stephen Gorden Cumberland County 871-8380
Lee Eastman Bridgton 577-0439
Claude VZ Morgan South Portland 450-2583
Sandy Carder Gray 657-4715

GPCOG Officers:

For July 2018- June 2019, our Officers are:

President: Jerre Bryant, Westbrook

First Vice-President: Belinda Ray, Portland

Second Vice-President:   Nat Tupper, Yarmouth