Greater Portland & Lakes Region

The Greater Portland and Lakes Region stretches from the picturesque Casco Bay coastal villages and working waterfronts westward to the towns surrounding pristine Sebago Lake.  Our region is home to one-fifth of Maine’s people and one-quarter of Maine’s jobs, and generates one-third of Maine’s gross domestic product. We are the economic engine of the state.

Our vision for the future of our region is that we are thriving economically, socially, and environmentally. We have a diverse local economy that builds on the region’s natural assets and traditions, hosts a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and provides opportunities to people in all parts of the region. Communities have diverse housing, transportation, and communications choices to meet the needs of all ages. Our world-renowned rivers, lakes, coast, forests, and farms are protected and continue to be a key part of daily life, drawing many new residents to the region. Residents are prospering and have an inherent sense of regional pride and identity.

To make this vision real, the Greater Portland Council of Governments’ members, staff and partners are working together to provide data to help leaders make informed decisions, develop a shared vision and plan for the region, and speak with an organized voice to express our shared priorities.