Growing Together

Growing Together is the region’s blueprint for sustainable prosperity, providing a playbook for how to grow while also preserving what makes the region so special.

This process will be launched in 2018.  The backbone of the plan will be the region’s priority transportation corridors and centers identified in the long range regional transportation plan Destination 2040. These areas, which grew out of Sustain Southern Maine, are the primary places in our region targeted for jobs and housing growth.  The plan will feature an interactive map of these growth areas and corridors, and showcase a visual analysis of how these areas relate to protected lands, areas needing enhanced protection, and areas vulnerable to climate impacts, such as sea level rise and drought.

This effort engages our members, regional partners, and the public to develop and refine goals and strategies which ultimately bring prosperity to our region. Building on our broad foundation for collaborative work, we are proud to align our efforts with other organizations which share our vision which include United Way, University of Southern Maine, and the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Case for Growth.

For more information on this project, please contact Stephanie Carver at