Healthy Communities

The places where we live influence our health by shaping access to healthy, affordable food, reliable transportation, clean water, and outdoor recreation. Very often, residents with the greatest barriers to good health are not adequately included in the community planning processes that determine local investments.

Because of GPCOG’s trusted role as a convener and catalyst, the agency has a unique opportunity to better engage underrepresented populations and expand integration of public health considerations into land use, transportation, and economic development planning across the region. The result will be improved health and increased opportunities for all.

Bringing the resources and tools of the public health sector into GPCOG’s work also opens up access to new funding streams and partnerships. GPCOG is working to build its capacity to provide resources for integrating public health into planning at the municipal and regional level. GPCOG is an active member of national communities of practice in this arena, including Plan4Health, a joint initiative of the American Planning Association (APA) and the American Public Health Association (APHA), as well as the APA’s Healthy Communities Collaborative.

To learn more, read the Joint Call to Action on Promoting Healthy Communities.

Would you like public health resources for your community? Contact GPCOG Project Manager Zoe Miller at