Mobility for All

Transportation connects people to where they need to go. But our current transportation system doesn’t work for all people, particularly those who can’t afford to own a car, can’t drive, or prefer to walk and bike. This is especially true for young people, older adults, people with disabilities, and ethnic/racial minorities.

GPCOG supports a transportation network that works for everyone. In 2017, GPCOG launched the Transportation & Community Well-Being Network, which brings together key stakeholders to share information and work together on improving transportation access and options for people who experience barriers. New members welcome!

Southern Maine Mobility Guide

GPCOG worked with partners on the Transportation & Community Well-Being Network to develop a guide to transportation resources in Cumberland and York Counties. Download the guide here. The guide is available in print copies through local libraries or by contacting Zoe Miller 774-9891, ext. 227 or

Inclusive Transportation Planning Project

Through the Inclusive Transportation Planning project, GPCOG is engaging underrepresented communities – including older adults, people with disabilities, and people of color t so they can have a stronger voice in regional transportation planning. In the fall of 2018, GPCOG began holding listening sessions throughout the PACTS and GPCOG regions.

GPCOG will also work to develop solutions to address gaps in transportation that have been identified through this outreach effort.

Funded by the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (a program of the Federal Transit Administration) and the U.S. Administration for Community Living, the project will culminate in new practices to ensure that transportation planning takes into account the views of those who typically are left out of the decision-making process but whose lives are often affected the most.  The project will also result in a “ready-to-launch” plan that addresses a problem that the underrepresented communities have identified as critical.

Take the Mobility Solutions Survey

Before we can develop specific solutions, GPCOG needs to gather more input from people who have personal experience with transportation challenges. Please take the survey and share with older adults, people with disabilities, people of color, and other communities who experience transportation barriers in your network!


Would you like to get involved with improving mobility in your community? Contact GPCOG Project Manager Zoe Miller at