FEMA flood maps to be updated for Cumberland County communities

Cumberland County Communities:

Within the last couple weeks, some communities received a notice from FEMA, along with a few updated preliminary map panels dated March 28, 2018.  In some instances, your community received a letter simply because you share a panel with another community that had changes. Below is a quick list I put together showing you which panels have been changed and which communities are affected by it.

If your community did not receive a letter, all of the preliminary map panels issued for your community dated April 14, 2017 remain the same.

Now that these panels have been issued, the next step is publication of the mapping notice in the Federal Register and 2 local newspaper publications.  FEMA will send you notice of which newspaper and the anticipated dates of the local publications.  The 90-day appeal period will begin on the date of the second local publication.

At this point in time, we are still on target for FEMA to issue the final map date in January, 2019 with a July, 2019 effective date.  If you have any questions, please contact me or Janet at your convenience.

Sue Baker, State NFIP Coordinator

Janet Parker, Planner

Direct line: (207) 287-8063 or e-mail:

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Preliminary Map Panel
updated 3/28/2018
Communities with Changes Adjoining Communities shown on same panel – No Changes
0081 Harrison Bridgton
0195 Sebago Baldwin
0264 Raymond Windham & Gray
0340 Freeport Brunswick & Pownal
0434 Sebago & Standish Baldwin
0462 Standish
0504 Cumberland Gray & Windham
0676 Westbrook Windham & Falmouth
0686 Westbrook
0732 Harpswell
0751 Harpswell
0808 Scarborough
0829 Cape Elizabeth
0836 Cape Elizabeth & Scarborough