MaineBiz: “State launches ‘waste not, want not’ surplus food program”

“It’s an age-old problem — getting unused potential food off the ground and to people who can consume it.

And, thanks in part to a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a 21st century solution is underway to tackle the issue across 10 Maine counties.

The Greater Portland Council of Governments has joined with partners ranging from Fork Food Lab to stores, farmers and other businesses to find a way to make the millions of pounds of edible food that goes to waste every year available to those who’d like local food but can’t get it.

Making the process a lot easier is Spoiler Alert, an online surplus food marketplace that hooks up produce and other surplus food with those who want it.

“It’s like online dating for food,” said Jennifer Brennan, GPCOG’s project manager for the program.

In Maine, an estimated 25 million pounds of edible produce goes to waste every year, Brennan said. Meanwhile, 16.4% of households in the state are food insecure — meaning their access to a quality diet is limited. The national average is 12%.” Read the rest of the article here…