GPCOG News Round-Up

Here’s the latest news from GPCOG:

Inclusive Transportation Planning. GPCOG has been holding listening sessions throughout the Greater Portland and Lakes Region with older adults, people with disabilities and people of color to ensure more voices shape our transportation investments. We’d like your input, too, on the development of transportation solutions. Please take the Mobility Solutions survey or share with older adults, people with disabilities, people of color, and others who experience transportation barriers in your community. To learn more about the initiative, click here.

Southern Maine Mobility Guide

GPCOG worked with the Transportation & Community Well-Being Network to develop a guide to transportation resources in Cumberland and York Counties. Download the guide here. The guide is also available in print. To order, contact Zoe Miller at

Sharing a line-striping truck. We’re working with 13 municipalities on potentially buying and sharing a municipally-owned line-striping truck so that we can paint better road stripes for less money. These GPCOG members spent $7.5 million to contract this work last year, and we’re hoping on seeing some savings. For more information contact Tony Plante at

Brownfields grant funding. January 31 is the deadline for submitting applications for cleaning up and reinvesting in vacant brownfields properties. Municipalities are eligible for:

1) Multipurpose Grants – each proposal is funded up to $800,000 over five years. EPA anticipates selecting 10 proposals.

(2) Assessment Grants – both community-wide and site-specific proposals are each funded up to $200,000 over three years. Assessment Coalition proposals are funded up to $600,000 over three years. EPA anticipates selecting 114 proposals.

(3) Cleanup Grants – each proposal funded up to $500,000 over three years. EPA anticipates selecting 40 proposals.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will hold an outreach  webinar for applicants  Dec. 11 at 2 p.m. and an information session  about the EPA guidelines at Portland City Hall on Dec. 13, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Brownfield success story. GPCOG also provides funds to assess and clean-up properties in our member communities.  Recently, we provided assessment funds to two apartment projects in South Portland that will create more than 100 units of workforce and market-rate housing.   The Maine State Housing Authority awarded a combined $14 million in critical funding for these projects.

Energy assistance for farmers. We’re helping USDA administer Maine’s Renewable Energy Development Assistance program, which provides free renewable energy site assessments to eligible agricultural producers and rural small businesses. An assessment examines the potential costs, savings and feasibility of a solar project, energy efficiency upgrades. The program helps unlock considerable grants and loan guarantees to develop these projects.  If you know a business or farmer who might may benefit from a free site assessment, please direct them Benjamin Lake at