Addressing Opiate Misuse

GPCOG is actively convening experts throughout public health, law enforcement, drug prevention, and school districts to examine strategies for reducing substance abuse disorder rates in our region. This work is part of a grant awarded to GPCOG from the Cumberland District Public Health Council (CDPHC).

GPCOG’s work with public health consultant Liz Blackwell-Moore has three components:

1. Municipal Leader Information Exchange: GPCOG staff, Liz Blackwell-Moore and the Metro Regional Coalition are meeting monthly to examine the key components of the opiate misuse problem in the region. Leaders have examined the root cause of opiate misuse and current community work with school superintendents and prevention providers within the Metro coalition region. This community scan identifies key stakeholders working on harm reduction, treatment, and recovery.

2. Forum: GPCOG convened a panel of experts during its Annual Summit on May 31st. Cumberland County municipalities participated in an extensive session on how to create a coordinated response to the opiate problem. A panel of experts offered participants a brief overview of the opiate problem in Cumberland County, the root causes of opiate misuse, current efforts that are working well in prevention, harm reduction, enforcement, treatment and recovery and identified gaps in those efforts. Participants were then able to identify efforts and gaps they were most interested in addressing.

3. Coordinating a Response: With the feedback gathered at the Summit, Liz Blackwell-Moore has developed a tool which identifies several key actions that municipal members can take to support the efforts and begin to address the gaps.




Prevention Links: There are several providers of prevention covering all the towns in Cumberland County.

The Opportunity Alliance, Public Health Program

The City of Portland, Public Health Division

Casco Bay CAN

Westbrook Communities that Care

Windham/Raymond Be the Influence

SoPo Unite


Harm Reduction, Treatment, and Recovery:

Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery Asset Map

Maine 211 Opiate Helpline

Portland Recovery Center