Policy Committee

Our Regional Voice Committee (RVC) is the first line of analysis, prioritization and decision making in GPCOG’s policy process.  The RVC plays a critical role in shaping GPCOG’s policy priorities.

Here’s how it works: The RVC is a group of volunteers selected by our Executive Committee from nominees submitted by elected municipal leaders all across our region.  The RVC meets to learn about issues, evaluate policy options, and recommend specific policy positions for adoption by GPCOG’s Executive Committee.

Working with staff, the RVC sets the ground rules for engagement – GPCOG’s advocacy work is specific to our region, it is focused on our strategic priorities, and it takes a long view of advancing regional prosperity.  Demographics, economic and social equity, and systems resiliency (both natural and human) are some of the defining long-term guideposts we use for our work.

The RVC is composed of:

  • Beth Edmonds, Chair
  • Jean-Marie Caterina, Scarborough Town Councilor
  • Brian Libby, Standish Town Councilor
  • Douglas Reighley, Freeport Town Councilor
  • Jason Wilson, Gray Town Councilor
  • Glenn Zaidman, Bridgton Selectman
  • Ned Kitchel, Falmouth Town Councilor
  • Mary Fernandes, Casco Selectwoman
  • Jarrod Maxfield, Windham Town Councilor
  • Belinda Ray, Portland City Councilor
  • Pious Ali, Portland City Councilor
  • Kimberly Cook, Portland City Councilor
  • Claude Morgan, South Portland City Councilor
  • Ron Shephard, Gorham Councilor (pending municipal nomination)

If you have a passion for our mission and our region, and you enjoy state and federal policy discussions, let us know.  Sign up for policy updates and action alerts and join our growing network of influencers as we share our priorities with all of our elected representatives.



For more information, contact GPCOG’s Director of Member Services and Community Relations Chris Hall at chall@gpcog.org