Public Transportation


Current Projects include

Transit Tomorrow 

Moving Southern Maine Forward

Transit Stop Access Project

Regional Sign & Shelter



More people are riding public transportation than ever before. Buses, trains, ferries and other transportation services provide greater transportation options and flexibility for many for our residents.

But as our region grows and prospers, there’s increasing demand for transportation options in our largest communities extending into our more rural towns. Also increased traffic congestion, deteriorating roads, and growing energy use must all be addressed as part of regional transportation management.

Growing the availability and use of public transportation in greater Portland is a top priority for our communities and GPCOG.  For over thirty years, GPCOG has supported the Greater Portland transit agencies work to increase the use of public transportation through improved service and coordination. Each year, GPCOG receives federal funds to develop transit plans, surveys, and studies. Our staff also supports the PACTS Transit Committee and the area’s public transportation providers.


In 2018 – 2019, GPCOG’s transit planning work will include:

  1. Coordination and administration of the transit portions of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), on behalf of the PACTS-area transit agencies
  2. Support efficient, environmentally sustainable, and affordable public transportation service for those in our region
  3. Support transit ridership growth through land use planning
  4. Support the reduction of transportation-related emissions and petroleum consumption through the Maine Clean Communities program (link)
  5. Provide technical support, such as mapping and GIS assistance

Funding is provided by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) with matching funds from transit operators, businesses and GPCOG.