Safe Roads

Maine’s traffic fatalities have been on the rise over the past three years. And there’s been a dramatic increase in pedestrian fatalities, averaging just over ten per year. But in 2017 alone, there were 20 pedestrian fatalities.

GPCOG and PACTS work closely with member communities, the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT), and law enforcement agencies to make our roads safe and improve mobility for all our residents. We analyze crash and injury data from both the state and local areas. We then determine areas of high crash rates and study crash reports to determine causation.

PACTS encompasses 14 communities in Cumberland County and four communities in York County. Our urban region has a higher number of non-motorized, or “vulnerable users” in our transportation system. And we see a higher number of corresponding injuries and fatalities. The graph below shows the number of crashes and personal injuries from 2012 to 2016 in select counties. The numbers include the entire county (not specifically the MPO area) and include all vulnerable user injury types and property damage. Counties indicated show the highest incidents in York and Cumberland Counties which are partially encompassed by the PACTS MPO, but also includes all of Cumberland County.


*The next two highest after York County

**Shows even relatively low numbers can result in high injury rates.

The State just recently released its updated Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). PACTS works with other state and local agencies to achieve these important goals.

In February, PACTS submitted its Safety Performance targets to the MaineDOT and the Federal Highway Administration.  Work progresses on our safety plan which includes the safety targets and how we plan to work collaboratively to achieve our targets through our capital projects, education and enforcement efforts.