Strategic Plan

For almost 50 years, GPCOG has been a trusted and neutral convener and resource, a catalyst for regional collaboration, and a conduit for funding. Our member communities rely on our work now more than ever. More responsibilities have been pushed to the local level and our communities are stepping up to develop new and better ways to serve their residents. While we continue to face familiar challenges like growing jobs and maintaining roads, we are also encountering new challenges, like opiate addiction, an aging population, and a loss of young people.

We’ve defined the collective priorities in our region and developed this strategic plan as a framework of our vision for the next five years. Over 100 local elected officials and staff generously provided thoughtful ideas through workshops, meetings, and surveys to shape this plan.

This five-year strategic plan is crafted to advance three strategic priorities:

  • Provide responsive services to strengthen cities and towns
  • Lead the region toward sustainable prosperity
  • Operate with excellence

While our plan rests on a strong foundation of prior accomplishment, it is intended to elevate GPCOG to a new level of service and leadership.

Strategic Plan Brochure

Strategic Plan