Transit Stop Access Project

The Transit Stop Access Project will prioritize and fund pedestrian and bicycle improvements at bus stops for three fixed route transit services in the PACTS region: Greater Portland Transit District (Metro), ShuttleBus-ZOOM, and South Portland Bus Service. The project will result in construction of accessibility improvements at up to 120 stops, pedestrian/bicycle facilities at up to 20 stops, and up to three transit mini-hubs. A transit mini-hub is an enhanced stop, where riders will find additional conveniences as they transfer to another bus or shift to another mode of transportation.

In 2017, GPCOG and project consultants McMahon Associates and Morris Communications worked with the transit operators and key stakeholders to complete:

  • Inventory and assessment of 200 bus stops
  • Initial Prioritization of Bus Stops, Transit Mini-Hub Locations, and Ped/Bike Improvements
  • Development of a Phase III Management Structure




  • A project advisory group was formed in June 2018 – including planners and engineers from PACTS member communities – that will work with GPCOG and the participating agencies to refine the scope for Phase II.
  • GPCOG expects to issue a Phase II consultant RFP in Fall 2018.



Phase I – Planning: Complete

Phase II – Design and Engineering: 2018-2019

Phase III – Construction: 2020-2021



Planning: Federal Transit Administration 5303 funds with local match from GPCOG member dues.

Capital: Federal Transit Administration 5307 funds with local match from City of South Portland, Greater Portland Transit District (Metro) and ShuttleBus-ZOOM.



  • Zoe Miller, MPH, GPCOG Senior Project Manager & Public Health Specialist,, (207)-774-9891 Ext. 227.